Simmer SX10 SDM

Dostupnost: Kraj zaliha
SX10 mast 100% PRE-PREG CARBON The SX10 masts presents the best performance in the range with the fastest possible reflex response possible, giving the sails turbo charged acceleration, an extremely wide wind range and light-weight handling. SX10 stands for 100% carbon content. They are designed from a top grade and high tensile strength pre-preg carbon. This technology ensures optimum control of resin content and resin distribution throughout the laminate. The carbon layup features a inner layers of 45 degree carbon weave to control torsion and quick reflex respons. The outer layer carbon has a 90 degree orientation for highest possible strength.
3.150,00 kn


370SDM17100%1.5 kg
400SDM19100%1.5 kg
430SDM21100%1.6 kg
460SDM25100%1.8 kg
490SDM29100%1.9 kg
520SDM34100%2.2 kg


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