RRD Y-27 X-WING 2022 od 5.2m2 - 5.6m2 -8.6m2 - 9.0m2

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Over 2 years in development the Y27 X-wing takes our racing program to new levels. Our team demanded more drive in the sail whilst keeping the excellent top end speed and control of the previous version. Firstly we flattened the entry into the sail and moved the draft back a fraction to help keep the fin loaded at the lower end and when sailing tight to the wind. We also modified the leech, tightening both the lower section and head, whilst opening the mid leech further. The lower section helped to further increase the drive in the sail, whilst the tighter head helped to keep the board under control in the most extreme gusts. Opening the mid leech kept the top end control and speed that everyone loved. In addition to this in the 2 new larger sizes 8.4 and 9.0, we drastically increased the aspect ratio, shortening the boom and increasing the luff length. This change was first tested purely for foiling, but we quickly found the benefits were huge even with a fin, increasing both speed and control. Overall the Y27 X-Wing offers big advances whether it’s the larger fin and foil hybrids or the smaller slalom/speed machines. For riders that want to go fast and win races.
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  • New for Y27- Finer foil entry and repositioned draft for better low end drive and increased performance when sailing tight into the wind.
  • Overlapping asymmetric batten pockets, for light weight and symmetrical performance on both tacks.
  • Double Power Clew system for huge tuning range.
  • Stretch control seam for improved stability through the base of the sail.
  • Mix of carbon and glass battens for optimum performance throughout.
  • Integrated trim system for perfect rigging every time
  • New for Y27 – 8.4/9.0 – High aspect design for both fin and foil lightwind performance
  • 7.0-9.0 – SDM mast for improved reflex and performance in lighter winds.
  • 5.2-6.2 – RDM mast for control and comfort in high winds.
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