RRD Rig Easy Ride Mk8 4.0-4.5 i 5.0m2

Dostupnost: Kraj zaliha
Komplet rig od dacrona za ws centre. od 4.0m2-6.0m2 na lageru 4.0m2 ostalo po narudžbi 10tak dana LEARNER SCHOOLS SAIL The Easy Rider makes life as easy as possible for those learning the sport. Lighter weight for easy uphauling and a complete package that means everything is as simple and easy as possible to get on the water and progress. FEATURES: All sizes with a batten below the boom (4.0-6.0) feature a low boom cutout and low eyelet to fit a double boom system for teaching kids on the fly Colour coded for easy recognition on the water Heavy duty construction for use and abuse
3.399,00 kn
Model/sizeBoom (cm)Luff (cm)BattensRecom. BoomRecom. MastHead
Easy Ride 4.01623364+2Evolution 145-205EPX 370Adjust.
Easy Ride 4.51683844+2Evolution 145-205EPX 370Adjust.
Easy Ride 5.01764014+2Evolution 145-205EPX 400Adjust.
Easy Ride 5.51864064+2Evolution 145-205EPX 400Adjust.
Easy Ride 6.01934344+2Evolution 145-205EPX 430Adjust.


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