RRD PLACEBO Y26 36-39-41-43cm sa perajicama bez pedova 350€

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With nearly a decade in the lineup, the Placebo continues to represent accessibility, consistency, and comfort. Freeriding is a synonymous of fun and the Placebo Y26 is the perfect freeride companion! Due to its generous width, length, and outline, that is expertly paired with the correct flex and feet response dynamics, the Placebo Y26 forgiving nature creates the perfect mix of comfort, and support on the water. The 3D top sheet has made this board lighter than its previous predecessors and will enable its riders to effortlessly progress with comfort and ease. The new Placebo has firmly solidified its position as a true progression companion.
3.099,00 kn
2.599,00 kn


  • Biaxial fiberglass layup
  • Tip outline with a slight concave and rounded swallow tip design
  • Generous width and length
  • Playful flex and feet response dynamics
  • ABS sidewalls
GROM127 x3626PLG36380,00€
PLACEBO136 x3926PL39411,00€
PLACEBO137 x 4026PL40411,00€
PLACEBO138 x 4126PL41411,00€
PLACEBO139 x 4226PL42411,00€
PLACEBO140 x 4326PL43411,00€
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