RRD Compact SUP RIG 2.5m2

Dostupnost: Kraj zaliha
Na lageru isporuka odmah 2.5m2 Uz jedro dolazi: torba+ jarbol+ boom + casica+zglob+ konop za dizanje KID SCHOOL First impressions count. When a kid feels the power of the wind for the time they can be hooked for life. That is why the Kid Joy makes this as easy to do as possible. All the focus is on producing a light and manageable rig that will see them flying across the water as quickly and effortlessly as possible. NEW sizing NEW split luff tube design NEW Fixed length boom for minimum weight Colour coded for easy recognition on the water Small sizes feature stylish custom printed X-ply
4.699,00 kn
3.699,00 kn


COMPACT SUP1,5110173175 (3 pcs) CC124CSSR15555,00€
COMPACT SUP2,5140263265 (4 pcs) CC124CSSR25615,00€
COMPACT SUP3,5164308310 (4 pcs) CC224CSSR35699,00€
COMPACT SUP4,5175368370 (4 pcs) CC224CSSR45761,00€
COMPACT SUP5,5182398370 (4 pcs) CC224CSSR55813,00€

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