Prolimit kite hook knife - stainless steel

Dostupnost: Kraj zaliha
Za izvaredne situacije The Prolimit kite hook knife made of stainless steel with a high-quality blade is a must for every kiter and simply provides you a great plus in safety. NA LAGERU ISPORUKA ODMAH !!!
11,95 €

You will not need it hundreds of times, but exactly this time you are glad that you invested this 15 Euro in the hook knife. If you don't have one, the probability to use the hook knife in the required situation is ZERO.

We are actually annoyed. In the past, where everything was better anyway, the linen knife was automatically added to 90% of the harnesses. Now you have to buy the linen knife extra. Most salespeople don't think about it.

Doesn't cost much but provides a big plus in safety if you are involved in the lines or if something has got caught and you have to part quickly.

  • Kite hook knife
  • High quality blade
  • Stainless steel
  • Strap for attaching to the harness
  • Brza dostava od vrata do vrata
  • Besplatna dostava iznad 120,00 €