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Simmer RDM 10

najniža cijena: 2.699,00 kn

Cijena: od  360€

100% Prepreg Carbon - Wave

100% Carbon Prepreg constructed RDM. The lightest and best performing  wave mast available. We recommend this mast for pro performance on all our wavesails. The reflex response is the quickest of all our RDM masts, giving your sail an unsurpassable direct and responsive feel. RDM 10 is a unique product, both in performance and durability. For this reason we offer a 2-year unlimited warranty.

size IMCS kg  Cijena
460 25 2.1 3.199kn 
430 21 1.9 3.099kn
400 19 1.7 2.899kn 
370 17 1.5 2.799kn 
340 15 1.3 2.699kn

Isporuka cca 20 dana od uplate kapare.


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