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Prolimit Global Boot 5.5mm

najniža cijena: 320,00 kn
Prolimit Predator Boot vrhunske zimske čizmice sa čičkom isporuka odmah 5,5mm veličine  42 ; 43/44 ; 

Function and performance with easy entry! Built on our OCL lastfor better fit and performance. Easy entry through Velcro closure. Arch Velcro adjustment strap padded for fixed foot position.

The OCL (orthopedic controlled last) is our solution to the natural contours of your feet. Most boots and shoes on the market today are flat, high arched and straight heeled. We have developed our own last with a raked back angle that is more natural to active water sports. Every boot and shoe is assembled and molded on this last. OCL manufactured boots and shoes have higher performance, better fit, and less water absorption.

5,5 mm

  • DCS direct contact sole
  • Titanium Limestone neoprene
  • OCL Last, perfect fit. Our unique orthopedic last
  • Easy entry system
  • Heel reinforcement
  • Arch Velcro adjustment strap
  • Arch comfort pad
  • Shoe, rope closure system with toggle
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