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RRD K-Race

najniža cijena: 8.399,00 kn

Pro Race. akcija 200€ !!!

We have worked very closely with the help of French rider Julien Kerneur, the current PKRA Racing ranking world leader, to develop both the K-RACE 70 LTD and the Addiction MKIII kites to have an unbeatable combination of speed and control. We have used every cm available of the board design to be used for maximizing the performance. Thick rails on the tail to improve lift on the fins, extreme tucked under edge on the front and mid section of the board to reduce friction over the chops and create an easier to ride shape. The deck design features a deep double concave on the middle – tail section to allow a higher pressure with your feet on the board when using a central strap to go downwind.

Size(cm) Fin Straps
190x69,5 NO FIN Deliverd / 3x Tuttle Boxes 5 x Da Kine /RRD prim

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