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Prolimit PRO Boom 2020

najniža cijena: 1.190,00 kn

Dimenzije 160-220cm 180-240cm i 200-260cm 

Wave sails are different from Freeride/slalom sails and Slalom/Race sails have a complete different profile and centre of effort.

Prolimit adapted this in the complete new boom range with the UIC bendcurve, giving each individual size boom and different

profile targeted at the bend curve of the sails the boom is build for. A smaller size boom has a more Wave type bendcurve,

having the deepest point of the boom more in front, while the bigger size booms are slightly wider towards the back and

the longest booms have the bendcurve way further to the back with a wider endtail as well giving the racing sails

also the space to breath and react their maximum speed

Size Cijena
160- 220 1.190kn
180-240 1.290kn
200- 260 1.390kn




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